Found: Peace Within the Violence of Revolution

I’m really not the right person to comment on Egyptian politics. Truthfully I was baffled by the bloggers, Facebookers, and Tweeters who were so opinionated about the situation. I have never given the politics of Egypt a thought. But one story in particular touched my heart. And I didn’t learn about it from the news.

Last week Piers Morgan had Queen Noor of Jordan on his new nighttime talk show (formerly Larry King Live). The interview with the Queen was fascinating on many levels, but it really caught my attention when she referred to a recent post on Twitter. She sent a picture out on twitter which she described as a “…beautiful image of young Christians joining  hands to protect Muslims at prayer in Cairo.” That is the picture above. Then she noted that on Sunday “Muslims returned the favor and protected the Christians while they took communion.”

This mutual act of kindness was not about adopting one another’s religious views, nor even approving of each other’s doctrines. I do not even believe that this is only a nationalistic unity that is being practiced. Somehow beyond all the violence men and women respected one another’s convictions, practiced peace, demonstrated love, and a shining moment rose above the hatred and fear. This is, I believe, the kind of spirit that is needed around the globe. Yes, I have firm religious convictions. But I hope that given the chance I could show a love for humanity in such a simple way.

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