40 Days Of Prayer

11.10.014In case you haven’t noticed, this year is spinning quickly to an end. Although no one is promised tomorrow, if all things continue as they are we will enter 2015 before we know it. I want to approach a new year with spiritual vigor and strength. I know no better way to do that than a time of concentrated prayer both personally and with the community of people who read this blog.

Starting November 22 I invite you to join me here daily for 40 Days of Prayer leading up to 2015. We will follow a path already available to us through the website of the Calhoun Church of Christ where Keith Roberts is the minister. Keith’s emphasis on prayer has been so inspirational to me. You can access the list of Scriptures and prayers HERE. There is a good list of free studies on prayer available on their website HERE. And if you have never read it, I encourage you to pick up Keith’s outstanding book Why God Waits For You To Pray (See link below to get this book for only $5.77 for your Kindle). It would be great to read a chapter a day along with this prayer time.

My plan is that for each of the 40 remaining days of 2014 I will publish a Scripture and brief prayer thought. You can use this for a guide each day. This will arrive in your email box if you subscribe to this blog (see sign up box to the right).

So, share with your interested friends and let’s pray in community as we end this year and begin a new year to God’s glory. I encourage you also that if you are joining in this journey of prayer that you leave a brief notation each day that you pray here at the blog. A simple, “I prayed” will be sufficient – or more if you received an insight.

I am looking forward to this discipline and hope it helps us grow in our faith and in our determination to be a people of prayer.

Thanks for reading. JD


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