25+ Twitter Accounts to Follow Now!

I know not everyone has embraced Twitter. I understand. It’s got a funny name. You think it’s full of only useless information. Some people just don’t like to jump on the bandwagon.

I, for one, love Twitter. You have to learn to ‘surf’ Twitter and not try to catch every post. I follow over 1,000 people on Twitter – there is no way I’m going to see every tweet! You can set your TweetDeck or HootSuite (Twitter Clients) to show your favorites only in a special column if you wish.

The following list is a great starter list for new Twitter people. A few notes about the list.

  • First, it does not include ALL the great Twitter folks I follow … it’s a sample.
  • Second, the majority of these accounts are Christian for the most part. I don’t like to wade through filth when I’m reading Tweets.
  • Third, some of these may be Twitter folks you may not know about. I avoided the mega Tweeters that almost everyone follows like Rick Warren and Michael Hyatt – they’re great, though!
  • I did not include news, television shows, companies, nor politicians. Choose your own bias!

If you’re new to Twitter or don’t follow these folks, then here are some great suggestions!

Rick Atchley, minister for The Hills in Fort Worth, Texas. Expect humor, spiritual thoughts.

Angie Burns. Expect humor, spiritual thoughts, interaction, wisdom, encouragement.

Funny One Liners. Well, one liners is about all you can get in 140 characters. Expect to laugh out loud.

Darin Campbell. Works with Lets Start Talking. Expect great ReTweets of spiritual thoughts and excellent links. Good interaction.

Feral Pigeon. Don’t ask me why. It just makes me happy. Expect a peck.

Lord Voldemort. You don’t have to be a Harry Potter fan to get his dark humor! Expect sarcastic and sometimes irreverent fun.

Rev Run Wisdom. Formerly of Run-DMC this rapper turned reverend is a great follow. Expect spiritual thoughts written in a style that reflects an appreciation for real life.

It’s The Van. First a pigeon, then a fictional character, now a van? That’s right. This Van is being used to help the homeless and hurting in Little Rock area in the name of Jesus. Expect updates on the work and sharp social commentary. You can follow The Van’s owner if you like too, HERE.

Mark Batterson. Pastor at National Community Church. Prolific writer. Expect links to his articles plus excellent ReTweets.

Tim Tebow. I was afraid to leave him off the list. Everybody is interested in Tebow. Expect positive remarks from this season’s second most fascinating NFL personality. Who is first? Drew Brees of course!

Patrick Mead. Minister in Colorado. Expect sarcastic humor and spiritual thoughts that catch you by surprise.

Donald Trump. Because we are all supposed to care what he thinks. Expect some predictable but interesting thoughts.

Purposely Anointed. Expect spiritual thoughts from a lady who has a heart for God.

Paul Tripp. Somehow manages to infuse theology at 140 characters per tweet.

Rex Butts. Interactive. Posts links to excellent blog articles. Expect to be challenged.

Melinda Lancaster. Positive, encourging, godly woman. Expect Scripture and godly thoughts. Interactive.

Christine Smith. Posts Scripture bursts at times. Encourages, blesses, interacts. Expect to find the spirit of Christ alive in her posts. Also buy some of her beautiful jewelry (which she seldom mentions)!

Kimberly Thompson. Godly girl with a crazy sense of humor. Expect to laugh, join in the joy. Interactive.

Brian Houston.  Pastor of Hillsong Church, Sydney. What can I say? Expect to be blessed.

Mike Ellis. Loves God, loves people. Expect to be entertained and to have a good word spoken if you engage him!

Brian Batey. Once told me I was one of a few pastors he would allow to be on his Twitter list! Very real, gritty at times. Do not miss any of his blog posts when he posts a link.

Trey Morgan. Then again, everyone probably already follows him. Expect interaction, fun, links to his great blog posts.

Tim Siedell. Tim posts under the name “bad banana”. I often burst into laughter upon reading his tweets. Expect a belly laugh a few times a week, and a big grin the rest of the time.

Trevor Lund. Someone I ReTweet often. Expect great thoughts and quotes.

Of course if you don’t follow me, you ought to. I think.


Feel free to list your favorite twitter accounts (and your own) in the comments!





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