24I am evidently part of a small minority of people who do not care for the television program 24. The Blog Prophet, Brian Nicklaus, says that “LOST is the best drama ever on TV…”, and I tend to agree. I watched 24 and quickly picked up on it’s formula. Fans will say, “so what?” … and rightfully so. AFter all, every program has it’s formula designed to tell a story, stimulate viewers, and thus create advertising opportunities.

Tonight the new season of 24 begins. I feel sure Mrs. Dobbs will be watching Jack Baur get beaten endlessly, and when all opportunity has passed and it seems too late, he will revive and get something done to save the world. yawn.

There are no polar bear bones in the sahara dessert, endless supplies of Dharma Initiative supplies, no mysterious smoke clouds that consume people and sound like dinosaurs tromping through the forest, no whispering in the woods before someone dies, no invisible Jacob who directs all things on the island, and no way to move the entire island if the plot demands it! What’s left to like?

Ah well…poll time again!

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