20 Days of Prayer #9

A Prayer for Commitment to the Word

Everyone who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock.

Matthew 7:24

Father, we come to you recognizing that you have all knowledge, truth, and wisdom. By your word, all things were created and through your word, life was given. Your word is a source of wisdom, truth, guidance, insight, life, and salvation. Your word is light in a world that can often be so dark, a comfort in a time of pain, peace in a period of turmoil, and hope in the depths of grief and despair. Your word is wisdom surrounded by folly, goodness when all give way to evil, and truth when only deceit can be found. 

We desperately need and pray for commitment to your word.  A commitment rooted in trust, faith, and reliance upon you. It is so tempting to trust in our own wisdom flowing from our own intellect, or the wisdom of our culture, time, and circumstance. It is easy to allow anxiety, stress, and worry to invade our lives, taking control of our minds and actions. But help us remember, “Even though princes sit plotting against me, your servant will meditate on your statues.” We pray for no circumstance, idleness, entertainment, or anxiety to interfere with our commitment to your word. 

Thank you for your convicting, transforming, enduring, unfading, life-giving word. Thank you for preserving Scripture for us throughout the ages. Thank you for your Spirit who lives, moves, molds, and breaths.  Thank you for loving us, caring for us, and speaking to us. Amen. 

Travis Bookout is the minister for the Jackson Street Church of Christ in Monroe, LA You can find him on FACEBOOK and TWITTER and INSTAGRAM where he shares wisdom, scripture and pictures of his amazing family.