His Glory Appears


His Glory Appears from the Hillsong recording Faith+Hope+Love

You gave me hope
You made me whole
At the cross
You took my place
You showed me grace
At the cross where You died for me

And His glory appears
Like the light from the sun
Age to age He shines
Look to the skies
Hear the angels cry
Singing Holy is the Lord

We need Jesus for so many reasons … and we reject Him for such silly and immature reasons. In spite of our professed devotion and our efforts to be righteous, we make the same mistakes over and over. We are a hopeless bunch. The success of the psychology of our culture in ridding us of guilt and setting us free to explore our world without restriction has left us thirsty and broken.

And though I do not think we ought to live there, I do think it healthy to visit our guilt. Not because we find any comfort there, but to remind ourselves of the reality of what Jesus has done for us. Hope. Wholeness. Grace. The willing sacrifice for us.

In our hurry to escape guilt and the true story of our lives past, let us not leave behind the truth about us. Only from the darkness of our lostness does the Glory appear … and we can then join the angels in praising the holiness of God.

I hope this song becomes a staple of our generation…and those to come.

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