Christmas News

So, Jenny Sanford filed for divorce. Didn’t see that coming (right). I think it’s not going to be a great Christmas at the Sanford and Woods households.

At least Bo has his own Christmas stocking. Bo (the Obama White House dog, didn’t you know) probably has it pretty easy, comparatively. That is, unless he bites a member of the press. It could happen. Barak and Michelle are sticking with ‘Seasons Greetings’ rather than Merry Christmas. Didn’t see that coming (right).

Seasons Greetings … er…Christmas trees are selling well, which is a good sign that economic recovery is in the works. 

Sarah and Todd are having Moose chili for Christmas dinner.

Michelle Duggar’s baby was born prematurely, but in time to spend her life getting Birthday/Christmas presents. Of course since this is her 19th baby, there’s probably not much under the tree anyway.

The Grinch is still stealing Christmas Trees … and this time it’s a rare type! Reckon the tree thief knows that the 7 foot Conifer has been nurtured from a seedling for 10 years? It’s probably in some crum’s living room with stolen gifts under it. Merry seasons greetings.

You can get the real Grinch on your iPhone ...and he won’t steal your tree…just $3.99.

I am rejoicing this holiday season that someone has finally done something about that horrid substance GLITTER. It is BANNED! Yes! Well, at least in that nursery in the UK. Someone actually said that “Christmas is about glitter…” That’s enough to turn me into the Grinch for sure. If I detect that a card has glitter … by squeezing the envelope – then I do not open it. Maggy will. But I have learned that one speck of glitter will go straight to my forehead and never leave. No matter how hard I scrub. With a brush.

Apparently the Pope is not a night owl, even for Christmas Mass.

What to do with all those poinsettias on December 2th. Not poisonous? Mythbuster!

Santa, this is going to be a little stick

Just contributing to the joy of the season!


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