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Shane Coffman and Memorial Drive Praise Team Lead Worship
Shane Coffman and Memorial Drive Praise Team Lead Worship

The International Soul Winning Workshop has gotten off to a great start! There are new facilities at the fairgrounds that I think have worked out well for the most part. Yesterday’s messages that I heard were first-rate. My class on blogging was received well. Several have asked me for notes, and I’ll publish them on this blog soon. 

The bloggers have come to Tulsa! That’s been a special blessing to me … to meet for the first time face to face some of the people I’ve been corresponding with through the blog community. Thursday afternoon Maggy and I enjoyed a wonderful supper at the home of Craig and Amy Hicks. It was nice to meet puddleglum in person as well! Messages yesterday by Marvin Phillips and Edward Fudge were both excellent in their own ways.

Last night Loyd Harris from North Little Rock preached an outstanding message. I’ve known Loyd for many many years, and he always keeps his message rooted in the Word. He is a genuine servant who lives what he preaches. He is an unashamed and passionate servant of Jesus Christ, and leaves no doubt what his message of the hour is.

After the late night session we enjoyed pie and coffee at Village inn with Brad Palmore and friends, Steve Tucker, Carl Feril and his lovely wife, and I’m sorry I cannot remember the name of the other couple from Hot Springs Village. It was great to be at the table with believers from Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, Louisiana, and Michigan! 

The weather here has been dreadful … thunderstorms and rain. It has hailed on us twice. Tomorrow we are supposed to wake up to significant snowfall. But inside the event everything’s warm and the Spirit of God is blessing our hearts through sweet communion. 

Keep up with some of the Tulsa Twitterers by checking HERE throughout the day!

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