Precious and Jackson’s Guide to Life

We have just concluded 40 Days of Prayer, so I thought I could post something on a lighter note. Yes, while other blogs are bearing down on the new year with resolutions, Bible reading plans, guilt complexes and regrets from 2014, we shall not. We will learn what we can from the lower species. Here is a guide to life from my two favorite canines, Jackson and Precious.

2014-11-07 17.03.55

Jackson’s Guide to Life

1. Never worry about snoring, humans think it is a beautiful sound. I can tell by the way they try to replicate it. That’s so cute.

2. Wimper often for snacks. I don’t know how they know, but they do. Wimper until they just walk away. Humans LOVE to eat and they will feed us fake bacon because they feel bad that we cannot enjoy cheesecake and chocolate.

3. Going outside is good. Going outside multiple times within an hour is great. You don’t need a reason. The humans love to get up and open that door. I don’t really know why.

4. Going outside in the rain is torture. Just wait it out. If they try to make you go outside in the rain, just turn your head and sit on your rump. Humans have very little patience and will leave room using language I’m glad we cannot speak – and then you can pee on the floor.

5. Asleep is better than awake. I’m barely awake as I type this. Maybe I’m dreaming.

6. When human’s hands approach, roll over for belly rub. They will be disappointed if you do not. I’m not sure why they like to do this, but as much as they do for me I’ll be happy to accommodate.

7. Visit kitchen floor after the humans do their meal preparations. Smorgasbord.

8. If humans accidentally bump you or brush against you while walking by, yelp like you’ve lost a limb. Belly rubs as a bonus if you are convincing.

9. When Precious or one of the humans move, always go lay down in her place. They have some saying about moving and losing. Personally, my favorite place on earth is on a cushion just warmed by a human rump.

10. Sniff everything.

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Precious’ Guide to Life

1. Don’t look at me. Are you talking to me? I don’t think I gave you permission.

2. I’m not going to look at you. Especially if you pet Jackson. I will turn my head away. That will teach you.

3. I do not go out at the same time as Jackson. I deserve my own grand exit.

4. Sack out all day in deep sleep. When put in kennel at night, whine continuously because … well, who can sleep?

5. If it thunders, fake a seizure.

6. Nibble at your food bowl at meal time. When Jackson wanders off, gobble at his food bowl.

7. Never stay outside longer than absolutely necessary. That’s for animals.

8. I like baths. Bet that surprises you.

9. When Jackson moves, always go lay down in his place.

10. Sniff everything.


It was really hard to get them to sit down and write that out, but I’m glad they did, aren’t you?

By the way, if you’re starting at Genesis 1:1 today do two things:

*Ask God to help you gain new insight for your life in this very familiar reading.

*Make up your mind now that when you get there, Leviticus will not stop you from your goal.

Thanks for reading, JD.

Meet Jackson

Today started off like a normal Saturday. Yesterday we purchased some flowers dirt cheap at Home Depot. After getting home we realized we didn’t have enough pots for them. In addition, we have a place we want to put a flower bed underneath the bay window in our kitchen. That would require a good bit of mulch and dirt. So we began today at Lowes.

We bought some plants we could not resist, as well as some of the supplies we actually went there to acquire. We enjoyed bumping into friend Jerelyn Smith. Then we started on our way home.

Traffic was kind of backed up and we noted everyone rubbernecking to see the little puppies at three different stands on the side of the road. You’ve seen that before. Several years ago we bought Rocky from the Wal-mart parking lot. That didn’t turn out well, we didn’t know Rocky would become the size of a small lion. Anyhow, we saw a lady sitting there with a dachshund in her lap. Maggy has always loved these kinds of dogs, having owned them when she was a child. We presumed that this was the mother of some of the puppies located nearby. Not so.

First, ‘she’ was a ‘he’. Jackson’s original owners were an elderly couple who have both passed away… and he was taken care of by a neighbor. The lady we were talking to took him into her home, but decided she now had too many dogs (true dog lovers with tender hearts can quickly accumulate canines!). So she was giving him away to anyone who would promise to take care of him. Of course we cannot verify this story, but it touched our hearts anyway! Maggy was in love already, and so we brought Jackson home.

Jackson wasn’t his name! The name was a bit sketchy, and I think no one knows what his name was. He is about two years old, very calm, very affectionate. I wanted to name him ‘wiener’. I was outvoted. (Maggy’s vote counts as 2.)

So now we have a new four legged friend living at our house. He has made himself at home. It’s been a stressful day for him.

In the mean time, we did get some of that gardening done as well. Jackson followed me around the yard like he’s always known me.

Well I guess we’re all puppy dogs and flowers on the blog today. I’ll try to be a little grouchier tomorrow!

Thanks for reading, John