Many Many Thanks

Maggy and I spent most of today printing, folding, and addressing thank you letters. She has done a great job of keeping up with every contribution that was made to our Hurricane Relief work, accumulating names, amounts, special requests, etc. It seems that there has been very little time since August 29, 2005 to compose and send ‘thank you’ letters. But that’s what we did today. I think we prepared about 70 of them. There are still about 7 pages of addresses yet to go. This is actually the second wave of thank you letters. I don’t know how many were in the first run, some months ago. Sending all those letters out, though, reminds us of how many people have given of themselves to help the hurting along the Coast.  Only God knows. Most of the funds have now been used in the homes of our community. It both astounds me, and humbles me. It is hard to express how generous God’s big family really has been. I was talking with my neighbor tonight. He does not attend a church, but he says he has learned to appreciate church people more than he did before the storm. I appreciate his honesty.

I regret that at some point in the beginning of our recovery that it did not dawn on me that we should try to keep a record of the groups that came in to help us. There is no record, other than that which Our Father has recorded. All I know is that thousands of people have come our way. And they are still coming, though not as steadily. We currently have groups scheduled through next July. At this point, though, we are waiting for the Governor’s Fund to deliver the checks so that people will have the money to buy their own building supplies. We no longer can provide these supplies as we have been doing for the past year. There is plenty of work to do, though. Skilled workers are needed more than anything else.

The blog community has been a big part of the volunteer force. So many of you have sent contributions, visited the Coast to help work, brought other people with you, communicated with your leaders what needs we have down this way and offered many prayers. I’m indebted to you.

Where do we go from here? That’s a question that we have asked ourselves a thousand times over the past 14 months. The situation here is so fluid and it evolves so rapidly that we may be looking at an entirely new set of circumstances each day. I’ll speak for myself, and what I see Central doing ‘from here’. Tomorrow.


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I was thinking about some of the prayers from the past year that remain strong in my memory.

I remember the first Sunday after the storm at the Gateway Church of Christ in Pensacola. All those who were refugees from the hurricane were asked to come to the front and the elders gathered around us and prayed for us.

I remember Tim Gunnells calling me on the phone to encourage me. He shared with me the efforts he was making to get funding, volunteers, and supplies to Pascagoula.  And he prayed for me.

I remember Roger Mills calling me from Biloxi to talk about the aftermath of the hurricane. He shared with me some of his experience with Hurricane Andrew in Homestead, Florida. We both cried together over the phone as he confessed that he could not go through this again … he was moving to North Alabama. In our tears, he prayed with me over the phone.

I remember sometime late last year sitting in the church office completely exhausted and not even knowing what to do with myself. A spiritual life minister from Otter Creek Church of Christ came in and spoke to me. He placed his hand on my shoulder and prayed a prayer of strength and encouragement.

I remember standing at the Memorial Drive Church of Christ in Tulsa, Oklahoma last March. Marvin Phillips on one side, Terry Rush on the other, as these brothers I have held in such high esteem for so many years prayed for me.

I remember several of us standing as a group in front of the Whites Ferry Road Church of Christ during a weekend retreat provided by that church for hurricane relief workers. The elders surrounded us with their prayers, laying hands on us as they offered up their petitions on our behalf.

I remember getting an e-mail from my friend Bobby, who told me that every morning at 9:00 he prayed for John Dobbs.

I remember an elder from Conway, Arkansas wanting to meet with me before they headed back home from a work trip. Bob said some very kind things to me, and then he spoke a sincere and powerful prayer.

I remember last Sunday night at a small group study in Georgia, with brothers and sisters gathered around Maggy and I … hands on our shoulders and backs as we sat in the circle, while they prayed over us.

I remember this morning in Tennessee as an elder I have never met before placed his arm around me and prayed for the Christians in Pascagoula as they worked hard to help people recover…and prayed for my family.

That’s not all. There are others. Over the course of these past several months people have prayed for me, for my family, for the ministry here, for those who were trying to survive the challenges before us, for our health, for our spirits, for the gospel to reach many, for … so many things. So many prayers … so many people … so many memories. I have prayed with people over the phone, most often with strangers. I have prayed with people in our foyer … once even for a lady who asked me to command a demon to leave her in the name of Jesus. Our elders have prayed together, as well as many in our church. Untold prayers have gone up for those suffering along the Gulf Coast. And God has heard every one of them.


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The Long Journey Home

What a wonderful morning with the Athens church of Christ! Maggy and I found this family of believers to be warm, encouraging, and very interested in the condition of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It was a joy to meet the elders and to have a great meal with them following worship time. It was a very positive trip and I am grateful to have met some of my brothers and sisters I have not known before. I was especially grateful for the elders calling me to the pulpit at the end of the service and praying with me about our work, my personal ministry, and the great task before us.

After lunch we headed for home, figuring to stop somewhere along the way for an overnight. Our anxiousness to return home increased with each mile, though. So, we decided to just come all the way home. Thanks to God’s grace we made it home safely.

I hear that Lynn Griffith did a great job preaching at Central today and we had several visitors present. I hope that the Nashvillians had a safe trip home. Other Nashville folks who were present at Central during our absence was the Robert Lingle family. I’m sorry I missed seeing them. Our teens had a great time at the teen retreat at Gulf Coast Bible Camp. It was good to hear that things went well while I was gone!

If you get the feeling that all is well on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, take a moment to read THIS STORY from Saturday’s Mississippi Press.

Also in the newspaper are several advertisements for a local church of Christ having a “Gospel Meeting“. I know what that is, but I wonder if the average citizen of Jackson County knows what that is. That’s not a criticism. Since we are having an event coming up the first week of December, I’m trying to think of the best way to communicate to the non-religious public exactly what it is that we are encouraging them to attend. I’ll tell you more about that event when the last few details have been settled. I’m waiting for a communication from my contact that is arranging things on the other end.

Well, Monday is about to arrive, so I’ll post this and get some rest. Thanks for reading!

Saturday in the Smoky Mountains

Yesterday we explored some back roads in Athens, TN. Today we explored some other back roads, unintentionally. My friend Tim Gunnels gave me good instructions on how to get to Pigeon Forge, but as I looked at the map I thought that I knew better. So I chose a different route. Somewhere along the way I’m sure the route wasn’t clearly marked, because we ended up in Knoxville! We were driving along and suddenly there was the UT stadium and we were downtown! Fortunately we were on a road that ran directly into Pigeon Forge. We enjoyed a fried apple pie at the Apple Valley complex. We also looked around in the Christmas store. Then we drove home … yes … the way that Tim told us … and it was much more picturesque as we drove across Wears Valley Road to near Cades Cove and back through Maryville and Engleton to Athens. We have some members of our church who are from that area (Hello Bobbie!). This is one place I have visited that leaves me with the same feeling each time…I don’t want to leave.

Just after we returned home we went to the home of Tim and Kristin Gunnels (Tim is a faithful blog reader,  he informed me tonight!). We met Tim when he came to Mobile about a dozen years ago, before he married Kristin. Our acquaintance was renewed after Hurricane Katrina as he was the minister for the Elba, Alabama church of Christ. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the Elba church was so active in supporting and helping us because they had suffered through three floods in the past. They knew what we were going through. Their beautiful assembly hall had even been flooded. One of their elders, Tom Mattox, has had a cancer surgery and chemotherapy since the time when they helped us. Please say a prayer for him and his family. The Elba church was so kind to us when we visited there earlier this year.

But in June of this year, the Gunnels moved to Athens, Tennessee. They have a beautiful home and fed us a delicious supper tonight. We enjoyed meeting their two precious daughters, Emma and Ella. We also went to the building where the church meets and enjoyed a tour of their facilities. I’m looking forward to speaking there tomorrow morning.

 It brings me joy to hear Tim and Kristin speak so highly of the Athens congregation (they will have a new website up soon), and especially the elders. In fact, they speak highly of all of the churches they have served. As we talked about Tim’s ministry tenure, he told me a really great story that involved his father being supported many years ago by the Alpine Hills Church of Christ in Mobile (now known as University Church of Christ in Alpine Hills). That was when Tim was just an infant. Little did they know the seeds that were being planted for the Gospel’s sake in that family. Tim would later serve that same church as Campus Minister. The current minister there is Marshall Underwood. Marshall is a wonderful gentleman who has a great heart full of kindness and grace. University is the only church that Marshall has served as preaching minister. Tim expressed great admiration for Marshall. I admire both of them.

I hope you have a great Sunday … and say a prayer for us as we begin our journey home tomorrow afternoon! Thanks for reading.

The Son Came Out

We have made it to Athens, Tennessee. It is a chilly 30 degrees outside as I type this. The low tomorrow night is 27 degrees. That’s a bit cooler than it is on the Coast, but we are enjoying the climate change. I talked with Tim Gunnels on the phone tonight and we look forward to a supper with his family on Saturday night. Tomorrow we will likely rest a bit, look around town some, and who knows … maybe drive over to Pigeon Forge to eat apple fritters at the Apple Valley Restaurant! (I’m still awaiting the arrival of my South Beach book…don’t worry…that day is coming soon!)

I’d like to take you back to last night at Central for this post, though. I decided that since we had these wonderful tables in our auditorium (donated by Healing Hands International), we could have each table do their own Bible study for the night. As I explained what we were doing, I looked around and to my right was a table with three folks that might be classified as ‘visitors’ or ‘newcomers’ …. many of the classifications of people have been blurred over time. God knows who His people are … and we are to love all people anyway. But these three were at a table by themselves. I do not want to sound mean spirited about these three, but they are probably the most unlikely to be gathered together for a Bible study. I determined that I would sit with them, since it just so happened that none of our ‘members’ did. (Note to self: Self, Let’s do a blog on ‘membership’ sometime.) I do not think this was intentional … but it happened just the same. The only way to perceive the irony is to tell you a bit about each one of them.

One was an elderly gentleman that I have known for years. His recent strokes, however, have left him very quiet … but he never misses coming to any assembly. Next to him was a lady who claims to be the last living wife of Elvis Presley, who lived in Pascagoula under another name, but passed away last year. She’s a brassy, talkative lady who sometimes lives in our world … and sometimes not. She told me she had spent the last few days in jail, but she didn’t tell me why. And last but not least, next to her, was a lady that I first met when she asked me to exorcise a demon from her through prayer. I did pray for her … although from what she describes I know that her “demon” is really a medical condition. However, she is so convinced that it is a demon she will not seek out medical help. At one point she thought that an alien inhabited her apartment and wanted me to call the Department of Defense. Her chain smoking and bladder problems have left her with a strong odor. Yes, these are three ‘characters’ and then there was me (and anytime I’m the most normal person at the table, we are in trouble!). I want to be clear that I’m not making fun of these folks … there’s much more to tell about each of them … only God knows what they have been through in their lives to bring them to this point. And Katrina brought them to us. The story I’m about to tell is dependent upon you realizing what kind of folks are sitting around this table.

We worked our way through the Bible study, and the great serendipity of these studies is that subjects you couldn’t have planned come up in conversation. Somehow in studying about Zacchaeus, discussion turned to the days following Katrina. The elderly gentleman was asleep – and I feel very gracious about his sleep – not offended at all. It was all he could do to be there. But the two ladies… as they talked about the days following the storm, a very perceptable change overtook their features. The lady with a demon had the most precious smile on her face as she related that each morning she would get up early and go outside just to watch people help each other. Elvis’ widow was also smiling as she talked about how everyone treated one another with dignity and an attitude of acceptance – something even I noticed. It was such a magic moment….a God-thing … and the SON came out after the storm …. and here He was shining at this table where no one wanted to sit.

The last activity was a group prayer. The older gentleman declined to word a prayer, but the one lady said she would. And the lady with a demon / alien / acid reflux looked at me with such an expression on her face and said, “I am trying to learn how to pray.” She was so humble about it, really childlike. Then she said, “I’ve been learning the Lord’s prayer.” So I asked her if she would say that for her prayer, and she said she would. We held hands at that table while these two ladies prayed … ladies that really do not always have a grip on reality … who live in made up worlds sometimes … but who want and seek a REAL relationship with a living God. Their prayers were precious to me, and I closed us out with a prayer as well.

I don’t know how things went at the other tables. Perhaps some really special things were shared there. But at our table, I felt that God sat down with us as well and touched each of our hearts in ways we may not yet even know.

And if I may pontificate a bit at the end of this post, I think we all need to think about the widows of Elvis and the demon possessed ladies in our community. These are the people that no church wants. People like James that I wrote about a few weeks ago who knew he wasn’t welcome in the church he had stumbled into, so he offered someone his last $4 to drive him to Central. A couple of years ago it was Keith, who said he was JFK…and his mother was named Rose. A year or two before Keith it was Charles who shook everyone’s hand, said he was a pastor, and unashamedly smiled and clapped during the songs – unaware that he was the only one. Charles was unaware of a lot of things, but he loved Jesus and talked about him all the time.

Maybe all churches have their people like this. I think they have their special angels that watch over them. How do they even make it in this world? I do not know. They may frighten us at times, get involved with drugs or crime or other things at times, and we already know that they will not be the pillars of our congregation. I really believe Jesus has a special place in his heart for the helpless and unprotected. He loves these precious ones with a pure love. We have a lot to learn, but he’s teaching us. For years he has been sending them our way. May our hearts be open to those who can offer us nothing … but the opportunity to minister to Jesus in a special way.

We’re Not The Jet Set

I was remembering a funny old song by George Jones and Tammy Wynette called “We’re Not The Jet Set”. It went something like…

By a fountain back in Rome, I fell in love with you
In a small cafe in Athens, You said you loved me too
And it was April in Paris, When I first held you close to me
Rome, Georgia
Athens, Texas
And Paris, Tennessee

I guess I was thinking about that because we’re all set to head out to Athens … but not Athens, Texas. Athens, Tennessee, where my friend Tim Gunnels is the minister for the church of Christ. Tim was an amazing friend during the days just beyond the storm. I was looking through my picture archive trying to find a picture of him, but I couldn’t see one. I think he was around in those first few weeks, when I wasn’t taking pictures yet….still walking around in a daze. It was during that time that Tim gave me cash to get necessities when they were available. He also set out to raise $10,000 on his own for our church. In addition, he went to an area church and secured a major donation for the congregation. All of this while his lovely wife was near to giving birth to their second child. Of course, as that happened, so his personal involvement in being in Pascagoula was curtailed. He continued, however, to organize groups from his church at the time – the Elba church of Christ. Since then he has moved to Athens and has now invited me up there to give a presentation about our work and to preach this coming Sunday. Margaret and I are going a few days early to enjoy the scenery. I’m looking forward to seeing my friend Tim. If you’re in that area Sunday, come on out and see us!

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Now we’re off to beautiful Tennessee … I hear it’s a bit chilly up that way. I like it.