Saturday on the Coast

This was a busy Saturday around Pascagoula. There were many things going on around town. So-called “final” or “best of the year” sales at all the stores (how do they get away with these lies?). Then there was a meeting with some brothers from Kansas who drove down to scout out roofs to put on in March. They will be working with Habitat for Humanity and hope to place ten roofs on new homes next Spring. They began their journey home this afternoon. The crew from Pennsylvania took to the road today also, after an awesome week of work. Also Mark Mike Alred from Tulsa, Oklahoma brought down custom made windows and doors and gave the front of Central quite a facelift. He did this as a gift to our church, a marvelous gift. I can’t tell you how it improved the look of our facility! See all those boxes in the window? That’s the carpet that’s ready to be laid after we place some tile on some of the floors. In addition to all of this Gary and Loree Boswell had a celebration of the marriage of David Kilbern Jr and Karen Potter. I think there were about 35 folks who came out to enjoy grilled hamburgers and apple pies on a beautiful day. The money tree looked full to me! I checked afterward to see if they had left any behind…they hadn’t! This evening David Kilbern and crew fed about 60 AmeriCorps workers. They are making a significant contribution to our community.

In all of this activity, Maggy and I managed to buy a Christmas tree and get it mostly decorated. Tomorrow I’ll be preaching from Philippians 4 and I hope to actually have a podcast this week. Some new recording equipment arrived, so I’ll be making a trial run with it.

I also picked up the WOW CHRISTMAS cds … and they are pretty WOW! There are a few I do not care for, but that’s to be expected. You can hear some samples that that site if you click on the e-card button. It does have the dreadful ‘Christmas Shoes’ song. I know…people want to throw things at me when I say that. But that song makes me think that the writers sat in a room and said to themselves, ‘what’s the saddest Christmas story we could tell.’ Well, anyway, it makes me cry every time. It’s Christmas time, folks…lets dry some tears and celebrate!

I want to see The Nativity Story … and maybe I’ll do that tomorrow afternoon. Bobby Cohoon said it was good.

I wanted to write a post on things that wig people out … but I figured I’d just wig somebody out if I did. One of them is talking about Jesus’ birth at Christmas time … can you imagine! I don’t think we ought to hold back … this is our time.  Another thing that wigs people out is putting wreaths at the building. That’s because we think it’s a holy place to which certain rules apply. I think it ought to be the most beautifully decorated place in town … a place where the wonder of the season can rise above the commercialism of the season and place the emphasis fully on Christ. I know people who get a birthday cake and sing happy birthday to Jesus. Ok, that kinda wigs me out …but … I don’t care. We need to give Jesus all the glory in every day for every good thing.  When is Jesus’ birthday anyway? Bobby Cohoon (second mention…I must be desperate for blogation) talks about it HERE. By the way, if you don’t know what it means to wig out, then just ignore this paragraph.

I also think this is a great time to re-read Dicken’s A Christmas Carol. If you don’t want to read it, just listen to it at that link. Although, I think I could read it better. My mother thinks so. I had a beautiful hardback book of Dicken’s Christmas stories, but I’m not sure it surived the storm. He wrote lots of great Christmas stories.

Here’s a blog I’ve just started reading….and I like it for a lot of reasons. The latest post is a review of Casino Royale – the new Bond movie. I think I’d like to see it. Do you think I could talk Maggy into seeing both movies tomorrow? If we don’t buy popcorn we can probably afford it. Hmmm…what would it do to my mind to spend 2 hours with the King of Kings, and 2 hours with the King of Spies? I dunno.

Well, now I’m up past midnight and I intended to go to bed early tonight. I do have a confession before going to sleep though. This has been a rough couple of days on South Beach Diet. Actually, I’ve been beached! Thursday night was my birthday so I made an exception and we had a big supper of ‘bad’ foods. Then today at the wedding celebration … I had not eaten breakfast…and entered into the event with no planning ahead … well…no excuses…but just noting that these are diet busters. I need to eat breakfast as instructed. I need to plan ahead for times when I know I’m going to be tempted – and bring my own. Tomorrow is a church fellowship meal. I do pretty well at those because I like to talk … and there’s plenty of new ears around. Anyway… tomorrow I plan to get back on the beach. Even Dr. A, who wrote the book, suggested that we not start during the holiday season…but…I can tell a difference already in both Maggy and myself…and I do not want to go backwards. Just staying real with you on the diet thing, OK? Thanks for listening.

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My Last Post….For November

 Did you see all those birthday greetings?  Talk about making a fellow feel good! Thanks! At lunchtime today Maggy drove me to the dining hall and I had a chance to visit with the crew from Pennsylvania. They even sang happy birthday to me! It sounded good, too. Also, my in-laws gave me the customary serenade over the phone. Of course my mom called as well. Anyway, if every ‘happy birthday’ I received today were a five dollar bill, what a rich man I would be. Hey…that gives me an idea…nevermind. Thanks, Bobbie for a cool little CD full of jazzy Christmas favorites! How nice!

Speaking of birthdays, my friend Bill Good turned 76 yesterday. He does not have a blog, but this beloved senior saint maintains an e-mail prayer list, participates in a weekly book club discussion group, participates in several e-mail diascussion groups, takes care of his pugs, loves his Doris, and has a very big influence in the Christian church to which he belongs…having served as an elder there in the past. Who says retirement is boring? I salute my seasoned citizen friend, Bill Good who lives in the Pacific Northwest.

I’ve added a bunch of new blogs to my BLOG LIST. There are millions of blogs, so this isn’t a complete list. I certainly cannot keep up with all of them. Most are associated with churches of Christ, but not all. If yours isn’t listed, but you would like it to be there, let me know. I don’t promise to list it, but I probably will.  Also, do I endorse everything written on each blog I list? Do you have to ask?


Gary Kirkendall’s second class on Why We Fight.


Klay Hall takes on angels.

Does Brian Mashburn tell it like it is…in your opinion?

Danny Dodd ponders the Kingdom reality.

Seth Simmons gets to the heart of the matter.

Tim Archer contenmplates taking the blue pill. No, not THAT blue pill. Matrix fans will understand.

Nick Gill follows up with more comments about the blue pill.

Thanks for reading!

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November 30 is a special day!  It is the end of the very mild – thank God – hurricane season 2006. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were married on this date in 1940. In Sylacauga, Alabama, United States, an 8.5 lb sulfide meteorite crashed through a roof and hit Mrs. Elizabeth Hodges in her living room after bouncing off her radio, giving her a bad bruise, in the only unequivocally known case of a human being hit by a space rock, 1954. On this date in 1979 Pink Floyd release the album The Wall. On November 30, 2004, Longtime Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings finally loses, leaving him with $2,520,700, television’s all-time biggest game show haul. Famous births on this date include German composer Carl Loewe, American gunsmith  Oliver Winchester,  author Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain), and Sir Wnston Churchill. Also born on this date are actors Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Richard Crenna, Robert Guillaume,  and Ben Stiller. Entertainers Dick Clark, June Pointer, Billy Idol, and  Clay Aiken were born on this day. Sportsmen Bill Walsh and Bo Jackson were born on this date, along with corrupt politician turned talk radio host G. Gordon Liddy.

To be fair and balanced, those who died on November 30 include Oscar Wilde, country crooner David Houston, Tiny Tim, and Tim “Mr. Wrestling” Woods.

In addition, this is Cities for Life Day in 300 cities around the world to declare their opposition to the death penalty. It is also National Methamphetamine Awareness Day.

And 43 years ago on this day, at Mercy Hospital in Vicksburg, Mississippi, John and Faye Dobbs welcomed their firstborn into the world.  Three years later, almost on the same day they welcomed my brother Gary. John Dobbs Sr. hasn’t communicated with either of his sons in over twenty years. Faye Dobbs is now Pamala Duet and I talk to her every day (almost). Now I’m a father, grandfather, uncle, preacher and world famous blogger. And I believe that God has molded me through all of life’s experiences in order to prepare me for this grand adventure. What is it? I’ve been waiting all my life to find out.

*I should thank Wikipedia for information on lesser important things that happened on my birthday. And I forgive them for not mentioning me. People are busy.


No Time to Post

I was about to post something philosophical that would really knock your socks off, but then WordPress sent me this notice:

Maintenance notice: 20 mins from now, your dashboard will be temporarily unavailable while we perform database maintenance

 Well, that’s not enough time to WOW you… so… I guess this is it for tonight. Goodnight friends.

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I Keep Falling Asleep

Why do I choose to blog while my pain medication has me so drowsy? Either I can’t go a day without blogging, or I feel that I cannot let down my adoring public! Today’s surgery went smoothly and I have been relatively pain free today. I should be in this cast for about a week. Pray for Margaret!

David Kilbern came by this evening. He was very complimentary of the workers here and how much they were getting done.

Here’s the rundown on this year’s hurricane season that will end Thursday.

Well, I guess this will be a short one!


On The Other Hand

We had an excellent morning at Central with a good number in attendance. Tom Hixson led us in a beautiful communion meditation. He is here leading a crew of ten skilled workers from four different denominations in Pennsylvania and some from Virginia. Bo is here. He is the man who went home and built a beautiful handmade podium for me to use. This is our last scheduled work crew for the year.

Tomorrow morning I’ll head to the surgical suite and have my left carpal tunnel surgery. If you don’t mind, speak a prayer in my behalf. One of my friends suggested that having a second surgery so soon after the first one drastically reduces my chances of survival. Thanks.

I’ve been doing some traveling and so have been catching up on podcasts. Do you listen to any podcasts? If you do not have an IPod, you can listen to most of these online. Here’s a rundown on what I was able to listen to as I traveled recently:

*Greg Laurie’s series on Mark is basic but well presented.  

*Wade Hodge’s message called WAKE UP was excellent. I’m looking forward to hearing more messages from the minister of the Garnett Church of Christ in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

*Pardon the Interruption. I gotta give Al Sturgeon the credit for getting me to listen to this show. I never catch it live on ESPN, but the podcast is awesome. Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser give a rundown of the most important sports of the day.

*Relevant Podcast. This is the audio companion to Relevant magazine. Relevant is one of my favorite magazines, examining the current Christian culture, new music, movies, interviews, and lots of fun stuff too. They also publish excellent little books like The Coffeehouse Gospel and others. The editors have a friendly chat and invite you to the table. It’s a bit too long at almost 50 minutes … I’d rather have a daily 15 minute podcast…but…they didn’t ask me. New podcast every Friday.

*XXX Church Podcast. Nobody is calling for accountability and a Christian rejection of internet porn like Craig Goss and Mike Foster. Calling themselves the #1 Chrisitan Porn Site on the internet, they are reaching out and talking about subjects that most of us feel a bit intimidated to address. Hosting Porn Sundays at churches and giving away Bibles at Porn Conventions wearing t-shirts that say “Jesus Loves Porn Stars“, these guys are definitely edgy. They gave away 3,500 Bibles in 24 hours to porn industry models, directors, and producers. There are people thirsty for God in every place. The podcast is called Dirty Little Secret. The latest edition is a sermon Craig Goss delivered at Mars Hill Church in Grand Rapids. Awesome message, even though he talked about food addicts. Meddler.

Well, I’ve got more downloaded on my IPod than I’ll ever be able to listen to…including tons of music…but that’s what they’re for. I’d be interested in knowing your favorite podcasts. Anyone who may choose to flatter me by mentioning MY PODCAST, well, you’re not fooling anyone. My podcast will return with fresh installments…and sometime soon. To explain what happened briefly, when my laptop was stolen I lost the software that goes with my Olympus voice recorder. Olympus wants me to pay 20 bucks to replace the software…I think they should offer it for free on their website. They did TELL me that they would send it to me, but that’s been weeks ago and it’s not here yet. So, just to show that I am smarter than they are, I’m buying another unit that will do ten times what that little crummy unit did, and my podcast quality will be supreme.  But…first…surgery… and then other stuff.


It helps to remember. Click HERE to be able to view a video of Pascagoula one week after the storm.

This Letter to the Editor of The Mississippi Press should be enscribed in gold and posted somewhere special.

I dressed up my blog page for Christmas.

How much turkey did you eat at Thanksgiving?

Thanks for reading! Have a super week!

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Surgery went well.

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