Book Review: Just My Typo



Over the course of the past week I read (or rather giggled through) JUST MY TYPO by Drummond Moir. The subtitle gives a clear hint about what is to be found within:

From “Sinning with the choir” to “The Untied States”.

JUST MY TYPO is a compendium of well-documented typos arranged in twelve hilarious chapters.  I recall once upon a time reading a list of typos from church bulletins to a class. I got so tickled that I could barely read it. Not everyone thought it was as funny as I did, but I still love to see a good typo. I’m working hard not to create a typo in this post about a book filled with typos.

Typos often create an idea that was not intended by the author. That is, unless Freud was correct when he wrote, “There are times when the most insignificant slip in writing can serve to express a dangerous secret meaning” (p. 130). Even so, a misplaced letter or absence of necessary punctuation can change the meaning of an innocent sentence into a ribald suggestion.  Sometimes those can be embarrassing or even produce an unintended profanity (of which there are some in this book).  A few milder samples …

It took many rabbits many years to write the Talmud.  (Holland Evening Sentinel, Michigan)

French widow in every bedroom. (Hotel advertisement)

Do not sue Vicks Sinex for longer than 7 days without medical advice. (Packaging for Vicks Sinex spray)

Seen in a church bulletin: Smile at someone who is hard to love. Say “hell” to someone who doesn’t care much about you.

I once saw a very disconcerting shop sign that simply read: “WE ARE CLOSE.” 

That should give you some of the flavor of the book. Author Drummond Moir grew up in Edinburgh and studied at St. Anne’s College, Oxford, and Daiichi Keizai University in Fukuoka, Japan. Now based in London, he is Editorial Director of Sceptre, one of the UK’s leading literary imprints.  He has researched well and produced a thoroughly entertaining book. Grammarians will love this book, I know I certainly did.  I highly recommend it for many smiles.

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Nine Years Ago

Nine years ago today Hurricane Katrina roared ashore in South Mississippi setting off a massive recovery effort that changed our lives forever.

The first pile of our belongings out to the curb… soaked in saltwater and sewage.
The motor of my GMC Sonoma ... after being flooded with saltwater.
The motor of my GMC Sonoma … after being flooded with saltwater.

Our faith was challenged in so many ways at that time.  God’s amazing faith family came to the rescue. From the divergence of doctrines and practices came a common bond centered around expressing the love and life of Jesus for those who cannot help themselves.

And it wasn’t just in our little town of Pascagoula. All across the Coast Christians from across the country and Canada came. Trucks and vans loaded with supplies and people. Everyone that could be reached was helped.



Even at our house. If I started trying to name them all I could never do it. The church of Christ at Gulf Shores, AL made a major impact on our lives as they undertook to restore our house (along with many others).  Flooring was donated from Georgia. We had friends from Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee Arkansas, Florida, Oklahoma, Kentucky and even Monroe, Louisiana helping us! (Little did we know that in a few years we would move to Monroe and see frequently people who worked in our house!). And I’m sure many more places as well!

Marvin Phillips and Craig Hicks at our house.
Marvin Phillips and Craig Hicks at our house.


There are so many Katrina heroes. I wish there were a hall of fame someplace on the Coast of Mississippi with the name of every individual, church, and organization who made recovery possible. I’m sure that God knows, and that’s most important.

I just focused on our house today, but I’m grateful for the work done everywhere!

Thanks again, friends … and thanks to God. The greatest storm our family would face was yet to come … but maybe this disaster helped prepare us in some way for the one that arrived two and half years later.

Thanks for reading.

Blog Tour Heads to Maine!


There are only two more posts on the Compadres Summer Blog Tour and this is one of them! Shelly Kellis lives in Maine and writes her blog,  Embracing His Presence. Her post on the blog tour is one that will resonate with many parents this time of year. She reflects on the echo of an empty nest and facing this with faith. You can read her post, Letting Go,  HERE.

One quote I really liked was…

Whether your empty nesting like me, or just put them on the school bus for the first time. God has this. Don’t try to figure it all out. Live in moments where faith becomes real and love is alive, embrace it and live in grace.

Head over there and bookmark, subscribe, and take a look around!

There’s one more stop… you’ll hear about it soon!

Thanks for reading!  JD

Grace Dependent Stumblers Welcomed