Tim Archer Blog Post!


The Compadres Summer Blog Tour makes a stop in Abilene, Texas to check in with minister, missionary, and author Tim Archer! Check out Tim’s post here: Do Not Be Afraid.

Tim coordinates the Spanish speaking ministries  Herald of Truth. He has been admired for his mission work in Cuba and Argentina to share the gospel of Christ. Tim’s blog, Kitchen of Half-Baked Thoughts is one of the few blogs that is updated regularly. I especially look forward to his weekly ‘Links to Go’.

My favorite line from his post is:

We don’t have to fear earthly powers. We needn’t be concerned about those who can only threaten our lives. We face death with our heads held high, knowing that our Lord has forever conquered.

Tim co-authored the excellent book, Letters from the Lamb, which focuses on the letters to the seven churches in Revelation.

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