Keith Roberts on Prayer

Fall Revival (1)

Keith Roberts will be speaking Wednesday night at Forsythe Church of Christ at 6:00 in our Fall Revival Series. He will be talking about revival and prayer. You’re invited! If you do not have his book, Why God Waits For You To Pray, you are missing a jewel!  Here are some of my favorite quotes from this book.

Spiritual apathy, the waste by-product of prayerlessness, creeps up on you because of this simple mistake: when the schedule gets crowded, prayer is the first thing left in the dust.

…It takes periods of withdrawal and renewal to win at spiritual warfare. … Jesus often withdrew. He withdrew to lonely places. He prayed. He bathed his entire Galilean ministry in prayer…. Spiritual combat requires spiritual energy.

Like the iceberg charging into the face of stiff winds and waves, Jesus’ power lay below the surface … in his prayer life. The same is true now. If we plan to calm frantic souls brutalized by a Satanic spiritual storm, we must pray. We must develop another great awakening of prayer in the church, moving us ahead by powers below the surface.

So a mature prayer life isn’t possible without this element of wonder, of praise, of being awe-struck by God showing up inside time and space … an understanding that answered prayers aren’t just coincidence or good luck.

Hearing Jesus pray from the cross stirs something deep inside us. Hearing him pray charts a course, sets a goal, motivates a longing to pray more like that. But you can’t pray like that and still ride a recliners. If you want to pray like a crucified man, you’ll have to climb upon a cross … Cross-shaped prayers cut through the religious noise…

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Thanks for reading, JD.

Hoax: Did You Really Post That?



*Halloween falls on Friday the 13th this year for the first time in 666 years?

*Facebook is about to charge you to keep your private posts private, otherwise they’re all going to become public soon if you don’t pay up!!!!

*Recently an amnesiac awakened from a coma able to only speak ancient Hebrew!

*There is now a Facebook Drug Task Force monitoring all posts on Facebook!

Some are easy to spot. An internet post threatens that if it is not reposted within 24 hours, you will suffer a terrible tragedy. Don’t we all believe that is untrue? But most of the hoaxes are not so bold. In fact, some of them have an ‘official’ look or tone to them. No doubt we’ve all passed along something that ended up to not be true. But if you have any time at all on Facebook, you should be aware of their existence and view odd posts with a raised eyebrow. Of course Facebook isn’t the only place that hoaxes reside. Many arrive at your email inbox.


If something catches your eye enough that you are ready to excitedly share it with your network, I encourage you to think before you share. Thankfully, there are some websites you can go to in order to see if a particular post has been given the ‘true’ or ‘false’ label.  Sites such as …

* – probably the best known. I’ve actually had people say to me, “I don’t believe Snopes” – which is quite ironic, but a personal choice I suppose. No website is perfect, but Snopes commonly provides outside links substantiating the claims it makes about the truthfulness of an item, or the lack thereof.

*Hoax-Slayer is another website that does the same thing. You might want to subscribe to their newsletter to get a ‘heads up’ about the latest scams and hoaxes floating around the internet.

*Truth or Fiction is a no-frills listing of current hoaxes circulating.

So before you get all excitable that Facebook is banning a picture of the Nativity (so hurry and repost it – there’s your clue), check it out. (LINK)

As I was writing this, friend Christine Abraham posted this on Facebook:

Don’t share until you validate. I’ve seen three posts today that are hoaxes or false rumors. Here’s how to test before your share:

1) type the first sentence of the post into a Google search
2) look for validation sites such as Snopes or Hoax-slayer
3) verify true or false before you spread the article

In particular, I think that Christians have a responsibility to check things out that look very strange or odd or may not be true. We don’t want to be linked to passing on fake links. And some of them are so obviously false, but we’re just not paying attention.

Thanks for reading, JD.


11 Hoaxes Your Gullible Facebook Friends Fell For in 2014


Revival Prayer: More Scripture Prayers


More Scripture Prayers For Revival

“There is an inseparable union between the Spirit, the Word and prayer which indicates that the Spirit will always lead the saint to make much of the Word, and especially God’s promises in the Word. …This explains the fact that the great pray-ers have always been great students of the Word.” – H. W. Frost

In my last post about Revival Prayers I supplied some Scriptures that had been formed into prayers. Since I am praying for my church I have introduced the name of our church into each one. I encourage you to insert the name of your church. Don’t think about your building … but have in mind the faces of your brothers and sisters. Include your own face in this family of faith and intercede, seeking God’s reviving power.

Father, stir the believers of Forsythe Church to remove anything from our lives or church that would hinder our experience of revival (Luke 3:4-6).

God, convict the believers of Forsythe Church of any unforgiveness and bitterness. Give us no joy, peace, or rest until this is dealt with (Ephesians 4:30-32).

Father, as the deer thirsts for the streams of water, so cause the believers of Forsythe Church to thirst for You (Ps 42:1-2).

Revive us, O God, that the believers of Forsythe Church will obey Your holy Word (Psalm 119:88).

Conflict us of the sin of compromise. Cause us to hate this is and to deal immediately with it (Revelation 2-3).

Lord Jesus, break the believers of Forsythe Church from a spirit of self-sufficiency and grant us a spirit of dependence on You (Revelation 2:17).

Father, I plead that You will create a spirit of praise among the believers of Forsythe Church (Psalm 150).

Father, enable us to deal with anything in our lives and our church that we have placed above You (Exodus 20:1-2).

O God, grant the believers of Forsythe Church a burden for lost souls (Romans 10:1).

Father, create within the believers of Forsythe Church a spirit of prayer and fasting (Colossians 4:2).

O God, cause Your people of Forsythe Church to love You with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength (MT 22:37-38).

Keep on praying, JD